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Subject: ~~Top 10 Help Issues--PLEASE READ~~
These Items are the ones that I feel are the areas that people need the most help with.

1-Scrap of Paper-The Scrap of Paper is for the Red Lobster. There is a Red Lobster Guide in Game Discussion to help you pass the known levels of the Red Lobster

2-How Do I get my Energy Back?-Energy will be Restored every hour for Non subscriber players and every half hour for subscriber players. You can also get your Energy back by using Food and Drinks bought in the Food And Drink shop in Westland. Energy will also be replenished using the Helix Mines.

3-How do I play the Game?-Well, you are in the Right spot, if you look, there is a GAME BASICS GUIDE right here in this Forum, reading this guide will help you understand the game alot better.

4-How do I get more Energy?-You can get more energy by either using 50 Helix at the Helix Charm Chamber(HCC) for a +5- +12 Max Energy, or you can go into the Dark Forest and find magical Springs that give you a +1 Max Energy per spring. Also, some special deals give you max energy.

5-Slated Hut-This is your "Dwelling" and it earns you income every hour it is financed with platinums. Some will say it is worth it, some will say don't bother with it. It costs alot for a new player to get a max dwelling and it could be more costly for a newer player then it is worth at the time. My opinion is to save up about 4 million gold and max it out right away instead of a little bit at a time.

6-You are currently on Stage # of quest #. What is this?-There are quests completed in the two forests. These Quests are completed automatically in the forests and when you click, it will give you different options to complete the current quest you are on.

7-How do I get a picture on my profile?-This option is reserved for subscribers of the game. As a normal player, you can add a picture to your INTERACTIONS, to do this, go into ACCOUNT, EDIT PERSONAL PICTURE. This picture will not appear on your main page, but you will find it under your Interactions.

8-How do I change my class?-You can change your class by going into the Shadow Castle in Westland. The cost of this is 50 sapphires

9-How do I Delete my account?-You can not delete your account. If you are inactive for a while, game staff will go through and delete all of the inactive accounts. YOU CAN NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT, there are ways you can start your character over by going into the shadow castle or by spending money on the game.

10-Allocation Points(AP)-AP are earned every time you gain a level. These can be applied by going into your OVERVIEW, then scroll down to AP and click on Use. You can distribute these points any way you wish.

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Time Posted: April 26 2009 10:14 pm EDT
Last updated: November 20 2015 12:56 pm EST

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