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Subject: Might help. But no guarantee.
Anyone may attempt to celebrate this decision as the liberation of new players, but undoubtedly every single of those active newbies will have to face the truth one day... they are still new players after 170 days of playing, because they don't play with the big boys(and girls).

I've done them all, been a camper, a leveler, element eater.

I feel really sorry now. This change also allows new players to camp "forever". I thought camping was not good for the "show". I realized that in fact, camping is awesome to get new players in, who may spend later on. At least that's how it was until many players started to spend, and they were killing off the future spenders. In short, I understand this decision.
I also understand, it's not possible to please everyone.

I want to add that I still feel disappointed a bit. But it will go away. Like it always does, and I adapt to the changes.

I'd like to advise not to delete accounts over level 30 because of inactivity. We will need those accounts.

Time Posted: September 17 2009 04:48 am EDT
Last updated: September 18 2009 09:26 am EDT


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