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Subject: i don't mind helping
out the new players so they get a grip on the game
although with your updates you have taken alot of things off the players and given them not much at all
1.can not use elements to go under 30 i agree with it even though it means when tet tigerpaw etc get to 30 pretty much everyone else is dead
2.changing serfs=no one is going to waste sapps for the amount of strength you get from pot girls as an example that was the whole point of people levelling to 100+ to use this system to get stronger
3.your fishing in W1 in my opinion is crap!!!!!as a starting player you can not afford a boat which you need to fish not just off the jetty as is now the case for starting players in W2
4.outposts when you decide to give players back all there tokens back to start again some players who are either in vacation mode or busy in r/l are going to get stung pretty harshly
admins/staff/help or anyone feel free to answer

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Time Posted: September 19 2009 01:45 am EDT
Last updated: September 19 2009 01:45 am EDT

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