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Subject: Forgot who gave me things...
A long time back I was loaned the use of:
Staff of Zane
Zhandra skin shield type E

It is with some embarrassment that I have forgotten to whom these items belong, and because of an erasure of saved mails at some point I have lost my worded record of whoever their rightful owner may be...
Now, I'm guessing the chances of this generous individual still actually plays this game and/or world are pretty slim and next to non, however, it is my duty to return then to their real owner, and do all I can to do that. Which isn't much, unfortunately.

If it's you reading this, please contact me via World 1, I'm Lerajie over there too.
If someone knows who it may be, please let me know by the same way.
Or, could an ADMIN please look at my transactions logs and see if there is record of it still there please??? Pretty please?

If I have not heard anything in a couple months time I will be giving them to a still active player here, for them to use/or hold, and maybe return to the owner should they be rediscovered, and I will leave a message forum record of where they go to, to cover my responsibilities as best I can...

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Time Posted: February 8 2017 11:03 am EST
Last updated: March 8 2017 06:56 am EST

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