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Subject: Spectra Guide
Giving Spectra Guide

Giving or getting spectra can be fun. If you are giving spectra, you are telling that person what you think of them.
If you are receiving spectra, you are being told what someone thinks of you.

Do not get upset, if you do not agree with the spectra given, after all, it is for fun and not to be taken seriously.

When you click on a players name, their profile will appear.
At the bottom of the page you will see:
Spectra: [Aggressive] [Helpful] [Funny] [Insightful] [Creative] [Spammer]

- You can give spectra to 3 players every reset

What do the spectra mean? And which should I give?
You are not obligated to give any spectra.
However, if you do, be sure to give the spectra that is best.

This guide may help you decide which to give but it is not all inclusive nor complete:

- This means the player is very aggressive!
- The player who receives Aggressive spectra KILLS alot!
- This player has lots of wins
- This player makes use of the Upper Ven an awful lot
- Aggressive players attack many other players, very often
- Aggressive players attack you 5 or more times daily

- This player is very Helpful
- This player offers help in chat rooms
- This player helps others in the forums
- This players helps others with a loan
- This player can be depended on for help
- This player offers sound advice or game play tips
- This player helps the clan or clan members

- You find this player is funny
- You laugh at this players remarks in chat
- This player has funny things to say
- This player is very clever with their humour
- This player tells a good joke
- This player has funny things to say in chat, post or forums
- This player has a very funny profile

- This player has learned how to play this game
- This player is keen on the game and how to play
- This player thinks ahead and plans for it
- This player is very clever

- This player has a very nice profile
- This player is clever with their profile
- This player has a very nice image in their profile
- This player has good taste in music for their profile
- This player tells a good story
- This player is a good role play actor

- This player has nothing to say in chat but says it anyway
- This player makes useless, senseless posts in the forums
- This player emails you 3 times a day with nothing to say
- This player abuses the chat rooms
- This player abuses the forums
- This player ignores the chat room or forum rules
Thanks to Kill-Kenny [23759] for making this guide in W1 and also letting me post it

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Time Posted: April 15 2009 06:47 pm EDT
Last updated: April 15 2009 08:02 pm EDT

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