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Subject: Platinum Guide

1. Platinum is used for clans free healing. Up to clan level 20 it is 40 plats for this healing. When the clan is level 21 it costs 2 plat per clan level. Therefor 21 x 2 = 42.

2. At lower levels you will find it useful to sell Platinum for gold to be able to afford new equipment.

3. At level 30 you can use Platinum along with the ore you get from mining to make Custom Equipment. 100plat and 305 ore points per piece (Alethite=2pts, Burelia=1)

4. Platinum can be used to Replenish energy when your a subscriber.

5. You can change Platinum into tokens at Platinum Shop. 1 platinum = 100 tokens.

6. 5000 Platinum can be used along with 500k and a subscription to purchase a clan.

7. Platinum is also used for buying skills in the Chamber of Wisdom.

8. Platinum is used to buy stones for your dwelling 2 Platinum = 1 stone

Now to get Platinum you can:

1. Do quests in the Forest and Dark Forest. If you don't find any fast don't worry about it sometimes it takes time.

2. You can Randomly find Platinum in the Dark Forest.

3. Platinum can be bought from other players also, or you can buy in Platinum Market, or Platinum Shop.

4. If you become an Ultra Subscriber you will get 2 Platinum every Reset.

5. Can also be bought at Subscription Office

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Time Posted: April 15 2009 06:55 pm EDT
Last updated: October 6 2009 10:38 pm EDT

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