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Subject: Energy Guide
Reviving Energy

To Revive energy there are a few ways.....

1. Wait every Hour to get the hourly revive, If your a subscriber wait every 30 minutes

2. Subscribers can Restore energy in the Subscription Options Link in Westland go to the link Energy Shack

3. Sapphires can be used at Shadow Castle in Westland to fully Restore energy 1 sapphire puts your energy to max (not the best way to use sapphires)

4. Helix can be used to restore energy at the Helix Mines in Westland

*Note you do not mine Helix there

5. You can buy Energy Drinks with tokens in Westland at the Food/Drink Shop. To get tokens you need an Outpost

6. You can find small Restorations inside the Forest and the Dark Forest in Westland

7. You can also get energy revived at the Red Lobster. All I will add to this is get into the Kitchen and try your Fish and/or any other weird thing you find.

Increasing MAX Energy

You can increase your Max energy in the following ways:

1. You find random +1 Max energies in the Dark Forest

2. You can use 50 Helix at the HCC in Westland to give yourself a random boost in MAX energy from 1 - 10

3. Rings can be used to boost your Max energy. To see by how much refer to the Ring Shop

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