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Subject: Sapphire and Helix Guide

To get Sapphires there are a few different ways lets start with the way everyone can get them


The Top 3 people with Referrals at the end of the month will get Sapphire Prizes

1st Place : 75 Sapphires
2nd Place : 50 Sapphires
3rd Place : 25 Sapphires

Sapphire Market

At the Sapphire Market you can buy Sapphires for in game Gold.

Prices Range from 100k - 150k usually.


In Trading Meeting under the Chat tab you can advertise that you are buying Sapphires.

Subscription Office

At the Subscription Office in Westland you can click on the Sapphire tab to see the offers and you purchase them with Real Life Money.

Ultra Subscription

When you buy an Ultra Subscription you will get 1 Sapphire every day (note I said day not reset)

Jousting Barracks

At the Jousting Barracks in Westland The top person in each of the Categories will get 100 Sapphires at the end of the month.

Only Normal Subscribers can enter

Sapphire Uses

Shadow Castle

Reset fishing casts to maximum [ 1 sapphire ]
Reset gym trains to 15 [ 1 sapphire ]
Reset outpost turns to maximum [ 1 sapphire ]
Reset energy to maximum [ 1 sapphire ]
Change your class [ 50 sapphires ]
Realign your AP points [ 100 sapphires ]
Claim a years subscription [ 100 sapphires ]

Also in the Account tab

Change User Name [ 1 sapphire ]

For Clans

A clan can use Sapphires to attack another clan the cost of this is Clan Level / 10


To get Helix there are Also a few ways


When you have a subscription you will get 1 Helix per day.

Ultra Subscription

When you have an Ultra Subscription you will get 2 Helix per day

Subscription Office

You can buy Helix for Real Life Money click the Helix link to view offers

Helix Market

You can buy Helix here for around 20k - 30k a piece

Trading Meeting

You can advertise here that you are buying Helix

Helix Uses

Helix is used for Replenishing 30 Energy at the Helix Mines link in Westland

At the HCC you can use 50 Helix to get a random boost of MAX Energy the boost will be from 1 - 10 and as I said it is random

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