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Subject: Outpost Guide
By Sir_Valiant [65543]

Outposts are a very important part of the game they allow you to purchase Food or drinks to give you back some energy or some health that you may have lost. But you can only gain as much health or energy as your max health and energy has, for example if you have 20/30 energy and use a Red Spider (30 energy) you will only get 10 energy from that since you max energy is 30 and you already have 20 of that. The basic point of the game is to have the biggest outpost and to have the most tokens (Tokens are the game's currency for food and drink.) Every reset, you get 10 turns. You can do whatever you need to do with those 10 turns. Also every revive you gain 4 outpost turns.

How do I get tokens?
To get tokens you can do three things, you can mine, you can invade other players outposts, or you can use platinum to get tokens, to use your platinum you can go to Westland>>City Market Section>>Platinum Shop. One platinum will give you 100 tokens.

How Do You Get To Your Outpost?
To get to your outpost all you have to do is got to Westland>>Wargrounds section>>Outposts. When you are there you can do four things, those are.

The Mines
In the mining section you can do two things you can use your outpost turns to mine which gives you tokens, you get more tokens if you have more mines, but there is a limit to the number of mines a player can have, and that limit is 10 mines, to increase your mines first you must increase the size of your outpost since you can only have 1 mine per 1 level of your outpost, example …if you have an outpost level of 5 and only have 1 mine you can spend tokens on increasing your mines till you have 5 mines. The number of tokens you get by mining is based on the number of mines you have, if you have 10 mines you can get anywhere from 50 tokens to 100 tokens.

Outpost Shop
The outpost shop is were you go to increase your outpost size and to gain troops (what helps you to attack other peoples outposts) and Barricades (help block other players from attacking you) the price of troops and barricades always will stay the same 100 tokens for 1 troop or barricade.

List Outposts
This section is were every player in DW that has an outpost is listed, it goes from whoever has the highest level to the players that have a level one outpost, this is were you can choose to attack players outposts and try and gain tokens. DO NOT attack players outpost if there outpost size is bigger then yours, they will most likely win.

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