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Subject: Camping Guide
By dezred [50293]


"What is Camping?"

Camping is going to get your character stronger. If you level up too quickly, you will be killed again and again and again by stronger players, and you wouldn't enjoy the game. So stay at your level as long as it's required and strengthen yourself before you level up.

you click on westland>training facility.. in there you can see agi, str, def, and wis.. each training you have 15 turns... use them well...15 turns is equal to 1ap... you have 30 turns everyday.. which means 2 ap everyday... the longer you train on your stat...the stronger your stat will be.. for example agi use 15 turns on agi.. each time you use 1 turn on will gain +7 - 9.. if you do all 15 on agi it will be like 1 ap...

if you recieve 1 - 3 in trainings.. you can level up.. but only 1 level... and then you will again gain 2 - 4..and camp again..

for ultra subby you get 20 turns on each reset
for non subby you get 15 turns on each reset

you can also use sapphire or reset tokens to reset your training and train again.. you can use 1 sapp per training(gym trains) in the shadow castle..

"If you HAVE Clan"

Do you know about camping? If you don't know about camping yet, please do this:
1. Go to Account and set exp tax to 90%(if you have a clan)
2. Don't miss any training

"If you DON'T have a Clan"

you can still camp by avoiding forest and the upper ven...
use your energy in the lumber that you can stay in your current level and camp....and never miss is important to train every reset..

"What should you do while waiting for revive or reset?"

1. You may mine for ores.
2. Raid other players outpost if you have 1 or mine for your outpost.
3. You can also try going fishing...
while waiting for the reset or revive...

The longer you train on single stats.. the lower each turn will give you...which means it will no longer reach 1ap anymore.. for more questions.. try mailing the staff or helper in the newbie chat or local chat...=D

Camping is only good for your Strength, Agility, Wisdom and Defence. It does not help to boost your Health nor Energy.

there has been changes in the training facility...
you will gain exp while you train..
meaning even if you camp.. you will still gain exp.


Courtesy of Goldenmage

When you click "seek advice" in the training facility, it tell you how much you have gained since going to the gym. When your trains = (your level + 17AP) that is when you get the lowest amount of gains per train.

For example

Level 10

Total gain record:
Since you have been going to the gym, you have gained:
27 Strength.
27 Agility.
27 Defense.
27 Wisdom.

At this point u will receive the lowest amount b/c your gains have reached 17 above your level. That is when you should level up.

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Time Posted: April 15 2009 07:37 pm EDT
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