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Subject: Monster Database
Well this is a list of the monsters you will encounter while playing this wonderful game. Some things might need editing just let me know. You might notice that the monsters level in even number increments (ie: 2, 4, 6 etc.)

Any monsters not on the list or that need to be updated please let me know here or via mail.

Forest/Dark Forest Quests:

Note: These monsters don't have a level or a certain amount of HP, there strength and HP are based off of your current level.

Quest 1 - Wild forest tiger
Quest 2 - Bridge Guard
Quest 3 - Hunter
Quest 4 - Old lady/Witch
Quest 5 - Alligator of Doom, Wiley Coyote, Rabid Raccoon, Ninja Gopher, Forest Demon, Fire Cat, Blood Talon
Quest 6 - Dragon Guards, Dragon King
Quest 7 - Psycho Steve
Quest 8 - Psycho Steve
Quest 9 - Mud Snakes
Quest 10 - Guards, Prince or Baron Humperdink
Quest 11 - Great Beast

Forest/Dark Forest:

Note: Whatever your current level is you get monsters the are 8 levels above and 8 levels below your current level, 8 levels higher aren't as common as monsters your level or 2 above or below, the same goes for the lower level monsters. Also, you will notice there HP go up in increments of 8 as well.

As you walk along the forest path, you see a Rabbit coming towards you.
Monster: Rabbit
Level: 1
HP: 34

As you walk along the forest path, you see a Rat coming towards you.
Monster: Rat
Level: 2
HP: 38

As you walk along the forest path, you see a Bat coming towards you.
Monster: Bat
Level: 4
HP: 42

As you walk along the forest path, you see a Dog coming towards you.
Monster: Dog
Level: 6
HP: 50

As you walk along the forest path, you see a Giant spider coming towards you.
Monster: Giant spider
Level: 8
HP: 58

As you walk along the forest path, you see a Young man coming towards you.
Monster: Young man
Level: 10
HP: 66

A howling wolf charges straight at you!
Monster: Wolf
Level: 12
HP: 74

You get swatted in the face! A tree howls in laughter.
Monster: Giant tree
Level: 14
HP: 82

A large fighter stands in front of you. He cracks his knuckles and prepares for a fight.
Monster: Fighter
Level: 16
HP: 90

A Bandit jumps down from the trees above.
Monster: Bandit
Level: 18
HP: 98

A hunter draws his crossbow and takes aim
Monster: Hunter
Level: 20
HP: 106

A body lies on the ground. When you attempt to examine it, the dead body wakes up and starts attacking!
Monster: Zombie
Level: 22
HP: 114

You hear a loud hisss from behind you. You turn around suddenly and see a giant snake
Monster: Giant snake
Level: 24
HP: 122

An armed guard raises his weapon to stop you. "I am not allowed to let anyone pass."
Monster: Armed Guard
Level 26:
HP: 130

You see something move in shadows. When you step closer, an armed assassin jumps staight at you with a pair of daggers!
Monster: Assassin
Level: 28
HP: 138

A goblin warrior spots you and moves in for the kill.
Monster: Goblin
Level: 30
HP: 146

A large Da'Haran man sees you and runs forward with his sword drawn!
Monster: Da'Haran man
Level: 32
HP: 154

A large troll lumbers slowly towards you. It doesn't look happy!
Monster: Troll
Level: 34
HP: 162

You hear the clanking of armour and a large knight appears. He draws his sword and prepares for battle.
Monster: Knight
Level: 36
HP: 170

A lone goblin captain charges into battle with a loud war cry.
Monster: Goblin Captain
Level: 38
HP: 178

You see a shadowy figure move in the distance. Before you can move, the ninja is already in front of you!
Monster: Ninja
Level: 40
HP: 186

A wild forest tiger growls and pounces straight at you!
Monster: Forest tiger
Level: 42
HP: 194

A large Knight is blocking your path. "NONE SHALL PASS!"
Monster: Black knight
Level: 44
HP: 202

A large dragon swoops down from the sky and lands in front of you. It roars and moves towards you menacingly!
Monster: Dragon
Level: 46
HP: 210

With a scream of rage, a beserker charges straight at you. It looks like nothing will stop it!
Monster: Beserker
Level: 48
HP: 218

Everything around you turns dark and you feel a cold chill. From the shadows, a large demon appears!
Monster: Shadow Demon
Level: 50
HP: 226

An armoured skeleton charges you emitting an unholy shriek!
Monster: Skeleton Warrior
Level: 52
HP: 234

Emitting a howl that chills your blood the werewolf pounces
Monster: Werewolf
Level: 54
HP: 242

An aura of death permeates the air and you face a deathly pale mage
Monster: Necromancer
Level: 56
HP: 250

An animated corpse stumbles into view and fills you with terror
Monster: Ghoul
Level: 58
HP: 258

An armoured warrior wielding a curved sword calmly steps out to fight you
Monster: Samurai
Level: 60
HP: 266

A lost soul settles into view and trys to take your body for its own
Monster: Wraith
Level: 62
HP: 274

A mage calls forth his minions to battle you
Monster: Summoner
Level: 64
HP: 282

The large green warrior charges you whirling his sword menacingly
Monster: Orc
Level: 66
HP: 290

The large armoured man wheels his mount in and charges you
Monster: Knight Captain
Level: 68
HP: 298

A mage steps forth with awesome power crackling from his staff
Monster: Arch Mage
Level: 70
HP: 306

A massive grotesque figure stomps into view holding a tree trunk like a club
Monster: Ogre
Level: 72
HP: 314

The large dog blasts fire from its open jaws as it hammers along the ground towards you
Monster: Hell Hound
Level: 74
HP: 322

The mist before you swirls into a human shape and floats softly towards you
Monster: Wisp
Level: 76
HP: 330

A bat swoops down and becomes a dark figure with glowing eyes and bloody teeth
Monster: Vampire
Level: 78
HP: 338

A holy warrior wielding a massive sword with ease challenges you
Monster: Paladin
Level: 80
HP: 346

Molten rock forms into a puddle then a shape which quickly becomes a flaming demon
Monster: Fire Demon
Level: 82
HP: 354

Deathly cold chills you as a powerful undead mage stalks you
Monster: Lich
Level: 84
HP: 362

Suddenly plunged into darkness you realise a 20 foot monster is blocking the sun
Monster: Giant
Level: 86
HP: 370

You barely escape the charms of this evil demon in female form
Monster: Succubus
Level: 88
HP: 378

With a smashing cracking sound an ice monster in human form appears before you
Monster: Ice Demon
Level: 90
HP: 386

An undead knight walks into view, with a massive axe and dripping blood from his open maw
Monster: Vampire Knight
Level: 92
HP: 394

A horrifying figure summoned from the pits of hell and formed from the flesh of many, burns into being
Monster: Legion
Level: 94
HP: 402

Awesome and terrible this divine being carries a flaming sword
Monster: Angel
Level: 96
HP: 410

Evil personified, the ground cracks and splits with shooting flame as the devil himself towers over you
Monster: Devil
Level: 98
HP: 418

A skeletal figure wielding a huge glowing Scythe and wearing a hooded robe eases from the shadows points a bony finger at you
Monster: Death
Level: 100
HP: 426

Elite Palace:

Door 1:
a). Lion
b). Black Bear
c). Trainer Diego
Door 2:

a). Swarm of Ants
b). Swarm of Rats
c). Swarm of Rats (stronger)
d). Trainer Diana

Door 3:
a). Small Water Element
b). Large water Element
c). Huge Water Elemental
d). Gargantuan Water Elemental
e). Trainer Tad

Door 4:
a). Dire Wolf
b). Dire Bear
c). Dire Elephant
d). Dire Ape
e). Fire Dragon
f). Trainer Sneaky Pete

Door 5:
a). Brass Dragon
b). Bronze Dragon
c). Copper Dragon
d). Silver Dragon (800 HP)
e). Golden Dragon (650 HP)
f). Titanium Dragon
g). Trainer Dragon Dan

Great Arena:

Belkenese Spellbinder
Ancient Briar Witch
Takyse Warlord
Medusa Spawn
Rock Troll
Evil Orcan Prince
Underground Beast
Reanimated Ice Lord
Hoarfrost Lizard
Tirillian Forest Stalker
Tattered Undead Warrior

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