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Subject: Quiz Chat
There are some broken answers in quiz chat, so why not to post the correct answers to them (only broken answers, typos etc.)

Q: Capital of Alabama?
A: calgary
Q: What is the main language in Albania?
A: tosco

Q: Which fast food restaurants were established by Ray Kroc?
A: mcdondalds
Q: In what land is the Dooms mountain, in the lord of the rings,located?
A: moira
Q: Capital of Connecticut?
A: harford
Q: What is capital city of American Samoa?
A: pagopago
Q: Moe's last name from the Simpsons?
A: tavern
Q: Short legged hunting dog?
A: basset
Q: Capital of Portugal?
A: lissabon
Q: The Dark Lord in The Lord of the Rings?
A: saruman
Q: 1 with 100 zeros?
A: gogol

Post here or mail me if you know more like those.

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Time Posted: October 2 2009 11:51 am EDT
Last updated: December 7 2011 08:33 am EST

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