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Subject: outpost guide
Complete Guide to Outposts

To start you must purchase an outpost, you will need gold and ore to do so, you can get the ore (Burelia and Alethite) by working in the mines, they can be found in westland => Mountains => [The Mines]

Mines and Farm:
Mines increase token production
Farms produce "food" for your units. The amount of farm points need to be as many as you have units. If you donít have enough farms your troops will starve and die.
Building a farm or mine does not mean it is producing of tokens or food for your units. how to operate them is included with the explanation of units below.

Tokens: There are 3 ways to acquire tokens
1) your outpost will generate tokens on its own, building mines makes it generate more if units are placed on it or if the shadow of a unit covers the mine.

2) stealing, you can attack the outposts of other players, if you beat them you will steal some tokens from them if they have any to steal, you can view the list of outposts by clicking ; List Outposts

3) you can trade in plats in the platinum shop for tokens, 1 plat will gain you 100 tokens

There are 2 types of units ranged/defensive and close quarters/offensive. ranged troops increase your outpost's defensive score and close quarters increase your outpost's attack score.
Note: defensive units do have a small effect on your attack score just as offensive units have a small effect on your defensive score.
Troops are not only used to attack other outposts and defend your own but they are also used to train new units and to work the farms/mines, to get your units to work there they must be placed ontop or next to the farm/mine ;
ranged units have a wide area of influence indicated by a red color when you click on the unit, any farm/mine in that area shall be worked by that ranged unit.
close quarters units are not like ranged units, as they can only effect farms/mines that they are placed directly ontop of it.

To train units you need to first have enough tokens and ore, click on the object in the center of the outpost screen, this is your outpost building, then click train/build units, then click on the unit you want to build then click build again in the box that has appeared just below the unit selection and your unit shall begin the training, on your screen you will see in the left below corned for example this ; Outpost: +31 Maxed => this means that 31 units are in the range of the outpost buiding ( big grey object in the center ) and that the training speed of the units is + 31 each hour untill 100 is reached meaning it will take 4 hour in this case to train 1 unit.

You need other units to train new units, to in this sense the outpost building functions like a mine/farm and your units must be placed next to or ontop of the outpost building in order for it to work

Upgrading your outpost:
Upgrading or leveling up your outpost costs tokens and ores, increasing your outposts level DOES NOT have an effect on unit training time or the production levels of mines/farms, it does however give you access to new units that are stronger and more expensive. IMPORTANT NOTE: EVERYTHING GETS MORE EXPENSIVE WHEN YOU LEVEL UP YOUR OUTPOST, this not only includes units but mines and farms as well.

At every revive you are granted 10 turns, this can be translated into attacks, 1 turn = 1 attack, so you can do a total of 10 attacks on another outpost every hour, if you fail to use up all 10 turns during a revive they do not stack with the ones you get from the next revive

more tips and personal notes

I advice to work out a plan of where and how you build your mines and farms so you can do this all in lvl 1 since mines and farms get more expensive as you level up.

Ranged units effect a wide area and can work multiple mines/farms all at the same time, they can also train units while working multiple farms/mines to so i advise to start building those units after you builded your mines and farms

Keep in mind that more then one unit can work the same farm/mine ;
example : a farm and mine are placed next to each other, if you put a ranged unit on each then both units will work both the farm and mine essentially giving you 2 farms points and 2 mine points

Always bear in mind is that you must never build units if you donít have enough food to support them. But also bear in mind that each farm will ultimately provide 9 food, assuming you surround it with ranged units. So you will only ever need 19 farms to support an entire field of 168

To start with, youíll probably need quite a few farms just to get enough food going to build enough units !

it will all point itself out once you started.

have fun and be free to mail me or reply with your questions.

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